Listed here are some of the more frequently asked questions concerning the OAD Program.

  1. We use behavior description interviewing, so why would we need OAD?

Well-planned and constructed interviews can be very helpful in hiring situations and should be used.  However, even the best interviews cannot uncover every job-related behavior, and the best interviewers cannot always discern the roles people play from the way they really deal with the demands of the job.  Studies have shown that good testing instruments have higher predictive validity than interviews.  More importantly, though, the OAD Survey has many beneficial applications other than hiring, and is not simply a hiring tool.  So it’s really not a decision to use one approach over the other.

  1. What does the OAD Survey measure?

The OAD Survey measures two dimensions of personality – a persons Traits or natural predisposition, and the behavioral adjustment the person is attempting to make within his or her work situation.  Knowing the traits allows the manager to understand a persons natural strengths and capabilities, and knowing the behavioral adjustment allows them to assess how the employee perceives job responsibilities.

Within the Traits dimension, OAD measures seven source traits – Autonomy, Extroversion, Patience, Detail orientation, Versatility, Emotional Control, and Creativity.

  1. We employ well-educated, skilled people – at what levels can we use the OAD Survey?

The OAD Survey can be used at all levels of an organization, from entry level to senior management positions.

  1. Isn’t the OAD Program just like other testing programs I have considered?

The OAD is not marketed as a testing program, and several important features differentiate OAD from traditional testing programs.  The critical program element is the OAD Management Seminar – developing the knowledge and skills of managers in the area of workplace behavior.  Without and understanding of behavior and motivation, users of even the best tests would not receive full benefit.  Secondly, we emphasize the management and organizational development applications of OAD, applications for which hiring tests or simple team building diagnostics are unsuited. 

  1. Can the OAD program help us reduce turnover?

Yes.  Study after study has reconfirmed what Herzberg and others told us forty years ago; people stay in jobs and with organizations that allow them to meet their personal needs for satisfaction and achievement.  Placing people in the right roles and managing them in the most effective personal manner is the very essence of management today, and is the primary application of OAD.

  1. Can we implement the program by training several people in our HR department?

Yes, but using OAD as you would a testing program would offer benefits in a rather limited fashion.  It would definitely help with selection and hiring but it would not be possible to apply OAD in the more critical organizational management applications.

  1. Are there a minimum number of managers who should train in the OAD program in order for it to produce significant results?

There is no minimum as such.  However, we recommend that an organization commencing with OAD initiate the training at the senior management level.  Strategic applications of OAD affect the more tactical issues, such as candidate assessment, and require the knowledge and commitment of the company’s leadership.  Once this group establishes a direction and focus for OAD, the other operational and staff managers should be involved.

  1. How are the OAD Surveys scored?

The OAD Survey and the Job Analysis Questionnaires are computer scored.  Every client is provided with the OAD scoring software, which scores and databases the Survey results, and which is operable on both network and stand alone systems.  Taking the survey is very brief – only a few minutes for each Survey.  The JAQ process is lengthier and requires management consensus in order to profile accurately.  Results and reports are emailed or faxed.

  1. Our major problem is recruiting – could we use the OAD Survey just in that aspect of our business?

Yes.  It is only one application for the program, but it can be done.  We recommend a broader usage of OAD, though, because for many business organizations retaining valuable, skilled employees is even more of a priority.

  1. Can we use OAD as an initial screening tool for job candidates?

Yes. To do this and ensure legal defensibility, as a first step we recommend that we undertake a job study on the position being screened.  This procedure, which is part of our client support package, provides the client with a statistical profile of the job related traits and characteristics and ensures that the essential traits are being included in the hiring screen.

  1. We have job candidates applying from all over the place and we don’t have offices everywhere they are.  How can we arrange for them to complete and OAD Survey?

You candidates can complete the OAD Survey on the Web once you have been assigned an ID number exclusive to your organization.  Once we are notified they have completed and sent the Survey, we will forward the data via email or fax.  Some organizations wish to purchase their own scoring software, which provides immediate scoring and reporting.

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